Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

OK so I realize I'm way behind here but this is officially the "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" post I failed to provide in a timely manner.  Thanksgiving is coming next!

My friend Joy had a housewarming/Halloween party and these pics are from 10/30.  It was a great night with the girls. Cheryll had to work and couldn't join us :-(  Here are some pictures. I was a gothic vampire bride I think hahaha

The Girls!

Minky asked for it, really she did lol

Susan's awesome BOO cake!

Me & Joy

On Halloween night which fell on a Sunday this year, we took the kids trick-o-treating in our neighborhood. Cheryll bought a scary mask and hid behind the car in the driveway and scared the crap outta the girls when we returned home. I wish I had a picture of it...truly hysterical!  Here are some pics of our pumpkin and of the kids that night.

Like mother like daughter lol

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