Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with one of my great friends Christie and her girls. She's going through a particularly hard time right now being separated and transitioning once again. I felt it particularly important to make sure we were all together for the holiday.  I cooked a big turkey which was so moist it fell of the bone! So we don't have a picture of the turkey in it's full glory but we have pics of everything we ate :-)  All in all it was a great to watch Eat, Pray, Love together while the kids played and ended the night well.

our carved turkey lol

Lenah, Jo & Ella

Name Cards 

 Sean, the girls dad being silly

Cheryll laid out lol

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 lol 

Happy Halloween!!

OK so I realize I'm way behind here but this is officially the "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" post I failed to provide in a timely manner.  Thanksgiving is coming next!

My friend Joy had a housewarming/Halloween party and these pics are from 10/30.  It was a great night with the girls. Cheryll had to work and couldn't join us :-(  Here are some pictures. I was a gothic vampire bride I think hahaha

The Girls!

Minky asked for it, really she did lol

Susan's awesome BOO cake!

Me & Joy

On Halloween night which fell on a Sunday this year, we took the kids trick-o-treating in our neighborhood. Cheryll bought a scary mask and hid behind the car in the driveway and scared the crap outta the girls when we returned home. I wish I had a picture of it...truly hysterical!  Here are some pics of our pumpkin and of the kids that night.

Like mother like daughter lol

Friday, November 12, 2010

5 Things Not To Say To Gay Couples Getting Married - Via So You're EnGayged

Came across this article on the website So You're EnGayged; a site I visit daily.

This article is so awesome!  It reflects what I have experienced in responses I've received when telling family that we got engaged.


Natalie Prizel wrote this post a year ago but we thought it was a great time to repost as the engagement season is coming up!
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Especially when it comes to same-sex weddings. Even those who want to be supportive often come down with severe foot-in-mouth disease. Invited to your niece’s lesbian wedding shindig? Here are a few common things to avoid saying to save you from being labeled a latent homophobe (or just to avoid an awkward silence):

1. You’re getting married? Is that legal?

The legal niceties of same-sex marriage are often not so nice. When someone tells you they’re about the publicly declare their love and commitment to another person, the don’t want you or the State to piss on their parade. If you’re trying to educate yourself on the legal status of same-sex marriage, check out HRC’s website. If you are burning to know right at that moment, at least preface your question with a hearty “Congratulations”.

2. You’re wearing a suit. Does that mean you’re more like the guy?

Rule of thumb: when you assume you make an “a-s-s” out of “u” and “me”. Gender expression and identity varies widely in the LGBT community. If a woman chooses to wear a suit to her wedding, it may be because she identifies as butch or trans* or she hates dresses or she’s having a fat-thigh day/month/year. When you get to know a couple well, you may or may not come to some kind of understanding of how gender works in their relationship. Then again, the mysteries of gender play out in a myriad of ways in all relationships, LGBT and heterosexual.
*Note: if you are unsure of someone’s gender identity (i.e. whether a person identifies as male, female, transgender, genderqueer, or something else), I think it is most often better to ask “How do you identify in terms of gender?” or “What pronouns would you prefer I use?” than making an assumption. Some people will be surprised and maybe upset you asked, but a genuinely well-intentioned question, with the goal of treating a person the way he or she wants to be treated is never wrong.

3. Do the Jews/Christians/Muslims/Wiccans allow that?

My mother always taught me never to discuss religion or politics. Well, not really, but if my mother were just a little bit more proper she might have. Religion can be a beautiful thing in the lives of LGBT people, but it can also be a painful one. If you ask, “Are you having a religious ceremony of any kind?”, most people will explain the ways in which religion and sexuality are being incorporated/reconciled in their wedding. If they don’t, wait till the wedding to find out. And if you’re not invited, I guess you’ll never know.

4. That’s nice that you’re having a celebration, but it’s not a real wedding.

This is just mean. What makes a wedding real? A marriage license? A minister? A $75,000 floral budget? How about love, committment, and community.

5. Isn’t marriage just a heterosexist and patriarchal institution? Why would you buy into it?

This question most often comes from within the LGBT community. LGBT people like straight people choose to marry for a variety of reasons: religious, personal, social, societal, etc. Also, LGBT people, like straight people, choose NOT to marry for a similar variety of reasons. You might not embrace marriage in your personal life or as a worthwhile goal of LGBT activism. But when someone important to you tells you they are going to celebrate their love for another, again, the correct response is “Congratulations”. Everyone should have the right and capability to choose.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pfizer Gala - our "coming out" of sorts!

So we picked up these beautiful dresses in Honolulu to prepare for my work gala which was the day after we returned from Hawaii.

I had previously made appointments for us with my makeup artist so that we would be ready for the evening.

At the dinner I introduced Cheryll as my fiancée to many of my colleagues. None of them reacted negatively, not that I suspected any of them would. Many were extremely genuine and came to our table to express their congratulations and meet Cheryll. Several of them were kind of shocked to find out I was even dating because that's a part of my life I don't share to easily with others (just my bestest who works with me too).

Here are some pics from the night. Cheryll looks so absolutely amazingly beautiful! I just know I'm going to cry like a baby when I see her for the first time at our wedding.

This is us with my BFF Michelle and her mother Kim

I love this picture! Wonder what she's smiling about lol

So beautiful! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Took a picture of our photobooth picture lol

LOVE her tattoos!

So many things we've little time to blog!!

Kinda bummed that it's taken me soooo long to get back to blogging. I have to be more committed to blogging consistently. I have good intentions...but life just sort of sneaks up on you in that way that leaves you scratching your head all bewildered wondering how time got away from you again!

So here's a recap of what's happened since my absolutely-most-fantastic-birthday-ever!  WE WENT TO OAHU HAWAII!  WHAT WHAT!! lol LOVED IT!  I have the best fiancée in the world!  She booked this trip for us in September, which was supposed to be an early b-day gift for Jordan but I have to admit that I was still in glorious birthday/engagement mode so I kinda felt that the trip was still all for me :-)

I so want to live in Hawaii one day.  It is just as beautiful as they show in the movies and on TV and in print ads...truly paradise!

Here are some pics from our trip:

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu on Waikiki Beach

Appropriately named the Rainbow Tower just for us! lol

View from our room

Jo at dinner the night of arrival

Pool time!

It was beautiful weather! 80's every day!

 We decided our "married" last name over drinks and a coin toss! haha

 Byodo-In Temple

Giovannis Original White Shrimp Truck - oh yea!!!

Dole Plantation

Luau Dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Center

HA! Breath of Life show

Cheryll chillin'

While we were in Honolulu we met with a stylist at Nordstom's to pick out some cocktail dresses/shoes for my Pfizer work gala which was the day after we returned. I'll blog about that in a separate post :-)

All in all...Hawaii was EXCELLENT!!