Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some pictures from Christmas...late late late ;-)

I didn't remember us taking any pictures but low and behold...Cheryll came through!

Christmas morning was spent opening gifts at home then we visited Cheryll's family.

Proud of her new cap

Jo and her makeup

Zoe trying to lick me haha

Yes we got Zo gifts too

She could care less that we tied this ribbon around her body lol

 Jo getting her new Uggs

Later that day at Auntie Gigi's house

Cheryll's Inay making veggie lumpia...YUM I overdosed on this!

Cheryll and Jeter-Claus...this is her family dog! He smiles in every picture lol

That big dog is Spartan. He loves Jeter and tries to hump him haha
we think he's gay too! lol  he seems to like Cheryll too!

This is Drew. Cheryll's 28 y/o grown ass brother lol 

Jo with the little cousins, Madison & Meagan

We also took the kids to SeaWorld during the holiday break

Jo, Jade & Elijah

Jade is Cheryll's goddaughter...she is the sweetest thing ever!
Me & bug

Elijah & his LaLa (that's my mom!)

This is the only New Year's pic.
Cheryll & I stood home in PJ's and had couch time all day.
There are NO pics of us :-)
We sent Jo to Michelle' she is.

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