Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This weekend: Love :-) Pride ;-) Sadness :-(

So this weekend was San Diego Pride!  I kicked it off by volunteering my time with the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and their STAND UP FOR EQUALITY comedy event featuring comedians Dana Goldberg & Alex Mapa. HYSTERICAL!!  OMG...I nearly pissed myself.

Then I went out with my new gay boyfriends Ryan & Moises (not a couple...but we all volunteered together.) They were about the only two I didn't know at this event because the others were a chick I used to date and her cronies...which we're all pretty nice and pleasant with me but the girl was such a meanie...I'm so glad it didn't work out uugghhh!  Cheryll met up with us for some apps & drinks and we had a good 'ole time!

Saturday morning was another story. Couldn't drag my butt outta bed early enough and we didn't get down to the Hillcrest area for the parade until about 9:30am-ish. Parking was a biatch. We drove around for nearly an hour before finding a lot that was sufficient...but also about 1 mile walk to the end of the parade route. All in all it was a prime location because after the parade we were only blocks from our cars. We got to eat some good food...meet up with my FB friends from Closet Talk...and I think I even saw a few people from from the wedding blogs I stalk on-line! My friends and Cheryll all think I'm nuts with this blog stalking stuff hahaha so I'm forbidden to approach or otherwise make an ass outta myself in public.

Here are some pics from Pride:
The Fam

Jo on the curb

Ms. Jujubee from RuPaul's Drag Race!

We found my company at the end of the parade and hopped in for a bit!

Us with my BFF Michelle (her baby Elijah was sleeping)

Elijah & Jo

Me & Cheryll

Ok...so now comes the tough stuff. The weekend was grand until Cheryll got a message from her brother on Sunday afternoon telling us that her dog, Babie, was not doing so well. She had stopped eating and drinking. Babie was 16 years old and the first dog Cheryll ever bought with her own money. She has been Cheryll  best friend for over half her life. We drove out to her parents house and I sucked up all my crap to be with her and support her through this. Her family was nice...met her mom, dad and brother. They weren't particularly emotional about Babie's condition but her dad helped us load her into the truck so we could take her to the emergency animal hospital. Poor Babie...she was so quiet, so sweet...she was ready to go. This was my first experience with having to put a pet to sleep. I've never seen Cheryll cry at all and it was hard to see her so upset. We were able to spend her last moments with her and it was very peaceful. I'm very proud of Cheryll that she made the decision without hesitation knowing that it was the right thing to do so that she wouldn't suffer anymore. I would have hesitated and possibly gone broke in the process of trying stuff that in the end wouldn't have made a huge difference. So now on to the healing. It's particularly difficult for me to stand by and just kinda be in the background while Cheryll's grieving. I suppose this is what a good partner does and this is part of the bad with the good, huh?  Tonight we're gonna lay low, take my two doggies for a long walk and defrag. Work has been horrendous for both of us and we need to take better care of each other during our off hours.  We're what matters most after all!

RIP Babie (1994-2010)


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