Friday, August 20, 2010

HOLY SCHMOLY - 5 more days!!!

In 5 more days...I will officially be engaged to the love of my life!!!

I'M FREAKING OUT!!! hahahaha Everyone is in line...all participants queued.  Lately I've been super way more emotional that I'd like to be. When Cheryll looks at me I well up and start crying. I'm thinking about this overwhelming feeling that floods my insides every time she looks at me that tells me she's the one.  This is bigger and better than anything I could ever have dreamed of for myself.  God's blessings have been so much more abundant...she is the best gift ever and I just don't know how to deal with all the emotion and love and joy I feel for I do what any girl does...I cry hahaha

I had a great heart to heart with mom last Saturday. She offered to walk me down the aisle when I get married because after all, she's been my mom and my dad.  I was like "you do know I'm gonna marry a woman, right?" and she said yes, that she almost lost me to cancer and she's not gonna lose me to this. She said that she can tell how happy I am and how happy Cheryll makes me. She said she respects Cheryll a lot and that she really likes her. I cried, hugged her and told her how much it meant to me. Then I shared with her my plans of proposing next Wednesday at Disneyland and told her I bought a ring. She knew something was up by how I've been acting. Jordan brought the ring down to show her and she agreed that it was very pretty.

Now to the proposal.  I hope that while at the park I'll just know when the perfect time will be. I'm thinking maybe in front of the waterfall at California Adventure or while we're casually sitting on a bench. I plan on making my own personal "fortune teller" thingy personalized to our relationship.  When we get to the fortune, she'll have to open it up and read it..."WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and I'll pull the ring out!!!  Ahhhhhh my heart is in my throat right now! lol

They look like this:

I will post pictures as I create it.  THEN I think something like this personalized to how we met, etc. would be an awesome game/favor to have on the table at our wedding!!!

Stay tuned....

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