Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of our lives!

So I'm sitting on the bed writing this, watching as Cheryll is brushing her hair in our bathroom.
I can't believe tomorrow is finally here!!  I'm very excited. But this wave of emotion has just hit me.

This is really the last night I will ever consider myself of one identity so to speak.
After tonight, starting tomorrow, we will officially be an US, to all.  Two people taking the next step to ultimately devote their lives to each other in love.

This is one of the moments I have always dreamed of.  I can't believe we're here!

This is more than I could have ever dreamed of for myself. Bigger, grander, more complete.  This is how I know there is a God and He loves me...He brought her to me when I was ready.  Timing is everything. Too soon and you're not prepared...too late and you may have lost the zest for it all.

I am so ready!

Today I worked on the fortune teller I will use tomorrow to propose to the love of my life!

Here are some pictures:

OMG I look TERRIBLE hahaha

So WOW!  I totally can't wait!!  Look for the video and pics by the end of the week!!!


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