Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Engaged! 8-25-10

YAY!!! WOW!!! OMG!!!

Disneyland yesterday, August 25th, couldn't have gone any more perfectly!  I was nervous and anxious in the morning...but as soon as we got there, it all left me!

The day was warm, the crowds not so bad and we were surrounded by some of our closest friends.  We went to Tomorrowland first. I don't think anyone realized the significance of starting out here haha It's Cheryll's favorite area as Space Mountain is her favorite ride so I wanted to start the day off with a bang. We had lunch there, walked around, and ultimately I stopped in a store and had Mickey ears made for us that has a special message.

From there we headed over to the New Orleans area of the park. This was where I envisioned proposing. It's garden like just outside of the Haunted Mansion and well...I hope we own a mansion some day haha so I thought it was appropriate :-)

We set up the scene to take group photos by a tree.  First a group shot, then individual shots of me & Cheryll with all of our friends, my mom & Jordan. I could sense Cheryll was getting antsy. So I asked her to sit with me on a brick ledge and Jo handed me the fortune teller.

She was definitely confused but I asked her to humor me and go along with it. She chose "turtle" first, then "I knew I loved you", then "Beginning of the rest of our lives". I had the ring tucked into the palm of my hand and I told her she needed to open the fortune tell to reveal her fortune.  SHE SAID YES!!

So yea, I put a ring on it...first! lol I beat her to the punch...again.  She thinks I'm the ultimate punk now. But oh how sweet it was.

I am so in love and I can't wait to marry my best friend!


  1. Can't wait to see new posts!! Congrats!!

  2. Very cool! I think I'm going to beat my lady to the punch as well. :)