Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I turned 35 on Wednesday, October 6th.  Leading up to this day I was wrought with all the usual thoughts of "Damn Tam! You were supposed to be married and three deep by now!" hahaha I'm really ok...seriously.  I just get those growing pains from time to time.

I woke up very early as Cheryll had to be at work by 6 again...I got flowers from her the night before. Jo presented me with a very cute happy birthday note which she decorated with rainbows and glued to construction paper...pretty nice.  It said: "Dear Mommy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you! 35 years ago you were born and the world was happy. Without you, I would not be here writing this letter. And again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  She cracks us up lol

When I went to make my coffee before I left for work there was a huge box on the counter blocking my way. I called Cheryll to make sure she wanted me to open this gift in the morning and yes she did.

This is what I got:
The dopest coffee maker ever!!!  First, I'm terrible at making a cup of coffee. I like mine very light and mild. This machine allows me to make the perfect cup for everyone!  With this baby alone I could run my own successful bed and breakfast...yup true story.

That evening we went out for Thai food...I've been on a serious Thai kick and can eat my weight in sticky rice & mango - yummy!  Upon leaving the restaurant (which was really quite so I know why they did it this way) Jo & Cheryll proceeded to sing me happy birthday in the car and pulled out a card and a jewelry box. The card was so awesome and mushy and just the way I like it!  In the box was a beautiful diamond pendant necklace...very classy and something I can wear to all my work functions.

Cheryll told me she had another gift for me that I would get on Saturday at my birthday brunch. I had a suspicion she'd gotten me this Michael Kors bag I've been eying since March but I've been a good girl and haven't indulged my purse fetish since May :-)

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