Sunday, October 10, 2010



I knew she was up to something!  I kept telling our friends I just knew something was up. See...some call it sneaky, snoopy...I call it intuition and being highly psychic sensitive!  Yup...thats me!

So on Saturday, October 9th, I had this big brunch planned with all my closest friends. One of my besties, Amy, and her husband and new baby girl Haylie were coming for the weekend from Yuma. I had friends coming down from LA and Temecula. It was an absolute beautiful day. I planned this brunch at JRDN Restaurant in the Tower 23 Hotel in Pacific Beach San Diego. There was a huge street fair going on so roads were blocked. I was late because I just had to pick up my favorite cupcakes from Batter Up Cupcakes in Rancho Bernardo to celebrate with. We were supposed to start at 11:30...we started more like 1pm. But that was fine because they had the most yummy strawberry orange mimosas.The weather was awesome...there was music playing from the fair...the babies were dancing and I was surrounded by people I loved. I forgot my camera so I only have a few pictures from the day. I'm waiting on my friends to send all of the pics they took so I can upload them.

Me, Joy & Susan

Michelle had to leave early-ish to take Elijah to Disney on Ice so she prompted the b-day gift opening. I got some cool stuff. Then came the big box. Now, it was disguised as a gift from Bed, Bath & Beyond but I knew better. I had even brought a small clutch knowing that in that box was my new purse and I could just slide my old one into my new one :-)

Sure enough...there it was:

So pretty :-)  But that wasn't all. Inside there was a DVD that said "Play Me" and when I turned around Cheryll had a portable DVD player ready. We popped it in and everyone gathered around. The video was pictures of us...starting with our first date at Disneyland, the Wild Animal Park, our trip to Magic Mountain, etc. In the background there was fav Michael Buble song "Just haven't met you yet", then it transitioned into Gerald Levert's "I was made to love you", and ultimately Musiq Soulchild's "Someone". It was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me. There were lovey-dovey quotes intermittently strewn through the video. Apparently this is what her Aunt had been helping her put together over the past few weeks since she's been so busy. At the end it said Happy Birthday! Then the last two screens read "Tami Will You Marry Me?" and a "Yes or No" hahaha

The box!

This is us watching the DVD...

I swear I wasn't pissed or anything Cheryll's laughing here!

I was ballin' lol

When I turned to Cheryll she had my ring in her hand and I kissed her and said "OF COURSE!"

Then Jo joined us.

This is my beautiful ring!

Here are our rings together!

(Blue diamonds are so beautiful!)

So next week is our trip to Hawaii!! I'm super excited!! Then when we get back it's save, save, save! 

We are planning on waiting to see what California ultimately decides in the Prop 8 BS.  It would be nice to be legally married in our own state. But if they don't overturn it and open up marriages again by next Summer, we will fly to Boston and get our legal on out there. We're visiting my family for the 4th so we'll fly to MA, apply for the license, head down to PA, hang out and firework it, head back up and have our ceremony around 7/7 or 7/8 and then back to Cali on 7/9.  It'll be small and just our friends from MA & maybe NY. Then I can get the fabulous Kelly Prizel to photograph our ceremony :-)

I also want to gather all my east coast besties to go dress shopping in NYC on 7/5 or 7/6. Joy will be there visiting her family at that time too and I'm trying to get Michelle to come out for a few days so we can all do this together!  It's gonna be amazing.  The dress I hope to find will be worn during our big sha-bang on 10/11/12, destination still TBD.  We're kinda all over the place with this...last week I was talking about buying a house in 2012 and having a backyard wedding hahaha we'll see what we actually end up with. One things for's going to be amazing!!!!



  1. awesome and congratulations! what a beautiful engagement story!!

  2. Congratulations! I'm sure it will be so much fun, the planning the shopping everything! :)

  3. Thank you all!! I'm super excited! Now we work overtime to make the most spectacular wedding happen lol :-)