Friday, January 21, 2011

1st vendor down....5gagillion@%*!xx to go!

On Wednesday night we signed our first vendor contract for our wedding. We met with Glenn Currie and his wife, Bev. They were funny, engaging, and very accommodating.

We had seen his work displayed at the small wedding expo we attended at the beginning of the month. Cheryll gelled well with him and this was important. He reminds us of Crocodile Dundee hahaha and yes, he is from Australia. He met his wife on-line as well some 15+ years ago and decided to come to the US to be with her. Enters Bev. Bev provided me some great advice as a fellow mom. She has three adult children and it was nice to see how proud of them she is.

We ended up chatting with them for over an hour and a half. Saw tons of albums and their artistic interpretations. Heard countless stories of the numerous weddings they've photographed.

So it was a no brainer after reviewing the generous packages and options. We are getting 8 hours of coverage by Glenn himself, a 2nd photographer, a leather binded 10x10 album of 70 pictures from our wedding, a 15-20 minute fusion dvd montage of stills and video they take at throughout the 8 hours, an engagement session, a CD of 50 high-res engagement photos with release to print, a CD of approx 350 high-res photos from the wedding with release to print, 100 engagement photo cards for the reception (leave on the table letting the guests know when/where to go to see all the wedding photos online), and we never have to pay sitting/booking fees for any other photo session with them ever!

We are very happy and excited to work with them. They are very professional and fun!

Next...meeting with the wedding planner, our friend Heather, in March to sign a contract with her and get the ball rolling with the venue!  YAY!!

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