Monday, January 17, 2011

To Plan or Not to Plan? THAT is the question!

Had a semi-meltdown last Tuesday when I took it upon myself to call about an estate home I fell in love with in pictures. This home is perfect...but the price I was quoted was ASTRO-F'IN-NOMICAL!!  hahaha MORE than having it at my beloved L'Auberge. Here started the tears....

I was so overwhelmed with variables of how to make this work, do we need to "stay" overnight, who are we trying to "help" with this arrangement, it's my f'in wedding - rent a hotel if you wanna come, yada yada yada. I can totally see how easy it is to become a bridezilla lol

I reached out to several of which had the time to talk and calm me down - thank you :-)!  I also sent a text to my friends Justin and Heather of O.C.D. Experience and O.C.D. Events based out of LA. Heather called me back and just in our brief conversation was able to offer up some great advice/alternatives.

I got home and Cheryll had the "what's up with you?" look on her face so I sat down and told her that I was beginning to really stress out about the IDEA of ALL that needs to get done with the wedding planning. I know...I have time everyone says...but with everyone that tells me that there are equally as many people that are screaming "Get the ball rolling as soon as possible!"  What's a girl to do?

Cheryll is the most amazing woman!  Within reason, all she wants is to make me happy and help make my dreams come true. I received an official quote from my friends on what it would take to have them plan our wedding start to finish and all the services they provide. Wow! It's really involved! And when I ran down the list there were things I didn't even think of! Like ushers?? like holy crap this is A LOT of planning and appointments! My head wanted to explode.

I see this just as I see paying to get your house cleaned. It affords me the luxury of time and piece of mind. Time being with my family vs. cleaning the toilet, etc. If i'm not broke and can afford to pay the $$, why not?? Also the lady that helps us once in a while with the house really works hard, does a better job in 4 hours that I could ever, and really needs the money.

So planner, no planner? Someone I trust and the freedom not to carry the burden of every piece along the way?  A chance to help a friend too...more exposure for their new company, networking for them in the San Diego area and the opportunity for them to grow their business? The answer is simple for us. Cheryll said yes, as long as I remember that she is the planner and I'm supposed to be stress free in this process lol!

So I'm gonna call Heather this week and we're gonna go with her!  YAY!  I'm super excited!!!

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  1. That is good! Let us know how that works out. You know I'm interested. Planning is NO joke - I'm happy that our wedding will be on the smaller scale but it is still work balancing both mine and the boo's wants and being realistic about what we can afford!