Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's been a while...

Hello all...gosh it's been a while!!  I've been busy, but haven't we all?  I know...terrible excuse :-/

I'm still working at the big conglomerate pharmaceutical company. Responsibilities and workload have dwindled. All other departments here are also facing the same downsizing and realignments we've been dealing with since last November. At times, I have a heavy anxiety about everything we need to accomplish over the course of the next year, all those obligations pending, like getting married, moving and facing new work all in the next 12-13 months!!! But this week in particular, I've made it a point to constantly remind myself of who I am, where I've been and how much more I am capable of!  I am not that weak-hearted individual who cowers in the face of change and forgets that she comes from an infinite source of love and cannot fail!!

So new plans need to be made. Sure! Things are changing...quickly...but that's's always been OK!
When my departure from this job is set in stone...I'm looking forward to the new opportunities I'll have to recreate my destiny.

Cheryll is still on track to reach her career goals by the end of this year. While we had a minor set back there as well, because she fractured her right tibia and could not complete her training just yet, they think so highly of her that they kept her employed, on payroll, and she will finish by the end of this year! My baby is amazing!! She has perseverance and determination like no one else I know in my life!

I want to do something I love to do! My next steps toward that will be to take some culinary classes, get some formal training, if/when I get laid off. Of course, once I'm able to complete this step, there's absolutely no immediate money in the restaurant business hahaha So I will go back to an office job if I need to and do something on the side with my new training. I LOVE TO COOK! People love my food! I have some ideas on how to start up my own little side business. So we'll just have to wait and see!

Wedding plans are developing. We were gifted another engagement session with Same-Sex Photography by Sara+Ryan ( WHO ARE AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHERS!  SERIOUSLY!!! So being the typical Libra I am, I am now having doubts about the photographer we contracted for the wedding!!! Sara & Ryan were so comfortable to be around...our pictures were incredible!! I'll put up a separate post about this session with some of the great pics they took! We are scouting venues, just trying to see what the cheapest way to go will be! And we're not totally closed off to going the destination route. Mexico is close and cheap! So another area we'll just have to wait and see about!  We narrowed down the guest list...decided that Cheryll will be most comfortable in a vest/pant custom suit option (and she looks freakin' HOT in this!!) and I've narrowed down some dress options that are pretty darn I'm excited about that.

(Cheryll trying on a random option)

Jordan had been on the east coast with family this summer. I miss her a lot more than I thought I would hahaha The house is quiet. We gave the guinea pig to a nice 11 year old girl who will take excellent care of her. We just didn't have the time in our schedules to devote to her. Now Zoe, our crazy pup, is acting really weird with Cheryll. We think she thinks that she's the next to go hahaha 1st Jordan left, then the dog is moping around and acting clingy with ME of all people hahaha

Mom came to visit and it was nice to get to spend time with her even if she stayed at my sister's place. That was a nice "privilege" to have them let her come over to the lesbians house hahaha Yes...still a source of contention  But I've resigned myself to stop trying to bridge this gap they've created. I love my nephews and I will see them when they are 18 and can make decisions for themselves. I have no other choice anyway.

(This is my mom!)

I'm done ranting and raving...
THE END...for now :-)

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