Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yesterday's Epiphany

So there's a local radio show here in San Diego that my BFF turned me onto. Yesterday I awoke to the news that one of the show personalities lost his mother in the middle of the night. She passed away somewhere between 11p-1a.

The show, minus the one affected, went on to talk about how wonderful his mother was. They talked about how much of her he embodied by his spirit, character. How some of his reactions, gestures, reminded them so much of her. How her legacy carries on through her children because in knowing any of them...you get glimpses of her.

This got me thinking about how much Jordan is so much like me. We have the same attitude, spunk, vivaciousness for life! So many people when they're around her remark how she is so much like me. Her smirks, smiles, sassy-ness. I admit...this used to make me feel so uncomfortable. God-forbid Jordan turn into my true mini-me. The horror! Why did this bother me so much?

So after listening to all the radio banter..I resigned myself to the fact that hey...I'm not half bad! And if there is anything we should leave our children with...if there is anything anyone can take away from my life and who I was, how I lived...what a blessing it would be for everyone to see bits and pieces of that as Jordan lives on!!

Isn't that a beautiful gift? That one day when people are reminiscing about me and my life, they can still be part of part of me...as Jordan will radiate my spirit! So while this is not true for all, but many, how awesome is that??  Don't miss me when I'm gone...share in my daughter's life and you will still have ME!

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