Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our new baby boy!

This past weekend we, a midst the gazillion things I always plan for us to do, stopped by an adoption event at a local shelter. Unbeknownst to many...we have been talking about adopting a pup for some time now. Everyday my sweets sends me links to puppies she finds online. So on this particular Saturday we wanted to see the huskies that Coastal German Shepard Rescue had for adoption.

By the time we arrived (20 minutes after the event began)...the one husky we were interested in had already been adopted...booooooo. So Cheryll and I just walked around taking in all the furry chaos ensuing and probably sulking a bit.  Cheryll spotted a very sweet boy by the name of Arvin. He was in his crate with the other puppy they found him roaming the streets with on 7/15/11. He was so gentle and sweet...very calm. He reminded her of Babie. It took one question from me after I saw her interaction with him..."You want to take him home?" and she said "Yes!" so I said..."Go do the paperwork!".

And that was that!  We have a new baby boy....WELCOME ROMEO!! Named for his loverboy tendencies :-)

He is so precious! And such a great boy!!  Zoe is tolerating him...they are able to be in the same room with minimal stress lol. She is being very good too. Fingers crossed that they keep it up!!

This is her tolerating him lol

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