Monday, October 24, 2011

Updates, Updates and MORE Updates

It's been a while. This seems to be my usual tag line lol
Here's what I've been up to!

#1 - I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!! I LOVE MY DRESS!!  It is nothing like anything I thought I wanted. I tried on only 3 dresses before this one in the style I thought would fit the theme of our wedding. Sheath, beach-y, flow-y...they were not as flattering as the Vera Wang I fell in love with!! I insisted that I was not buying my dress at the first place I went to, on my first appointment, so Cheryll came with. I had my BFF Michelle there, her mom, Cheryll and Jordan. I tried the dress on for shits and giggles because I knew it was nothing like what I had my eye on from the beginning. I just couldn't help myself...the fabric would make any bride feel absolutely beautiful! I've never felt so comfortable being plus size. I feel absolutely wonderful in this dress! So yes, Cheryll saw it and now we're making her attire our surprise at the wedding lol

#2 - My new dress prompted a theme change in the wedding. This dress just doesn't fit into the backyard luau theme! The venue must fit the dress, right? lol I don't want to look out of place at my own wedding! So we searched private homes to see if something would fit our needs. My old boss even offered his backyard to us at no cost!! An amazing gift! Ultimately however, we were given a great deal at a beautiful hotel in San Diego that we just couldn't pass up.  The wedding will be at The Estancia La Jolla!!  Take a look at this gorgeous property...we're SOOOO excited!!!

Valet area

 Evening on the property

Olive Lawn...where our ceremony will be!

#3 - Just over a month ago I was give my departure information at work. What a relief! I have to admit the anxiety I had been carrying somewhat dissipated. My last day in the office will be 11/17 but I remain on payroll through January and then receive more of a severance than I expected. I feel very lucky to have this gift of money that will go toward our wedding expenses and I am grateful for the down time to focus on my family through the holidays!

#4 - I was approved for my breast reduction!!! YAY!!! It's scheduled for 12/8 and covered by my insurance! This has been a long time coming!!!  While I have the usual reservations about going under and the recovery process...I am looking forward to feeling better and sleeping better!!

#5 - I have an orientation scheduled for 11/8 for a culinary program in SD. I'm very excited to see what they have to offer. It's a program that is free for SD residents and I can complete full time or part time. I'm hoping that we can afford for me to start this sooner than later and be able to knock it out full time. I'm praying a lot about it. I just want to finally do something I truly love. Now is the time! I have been blessed with so many wonderful resources and opportunities!

So all in all...not bad huh?? Wedding planning is moving along....I know what's up with work....I feel pretty darn good :-)


  1. Not bad?? I think this is all GREAT! Yay for everything!

  2. Thank you!!! I'm super siked!!! lol

  3. i LOVE La Estancia - oh how I wish we could have gotten married there. So much good stuff going on - even the bad isn't too bad!