Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let me just state for the record...

'Cause I've been receiving quite a bit of inquiries wondering if Cheryll & I are engaged yet. WE ARE NOT!

However...I've already looked at rings, know what she wants, and we've already had discussions about weddings and marriage and likes and dislikes 'cause everyone and their motha is getting married over the next year, and we are "saving up" for some big purchase in the next two years of which neither of us has vocally defined. She's even suggested a cool date as a good day to get married within the next two years.

Here's my dilemma...I was thinking about proposing at Disneyland since that was where we went on our first date BUT another option is during our Hawaiian vacation in October that we're taking as a family.

What do you think?

Hawaii would be more intimate and it's one of Cheryll's favorite places. No matter where we do it, it'll be me AND Jordan proposing together. We're a unit and Jordan is very much involved in our relationship. She's super siked about this...she really loves how we involve her in nearly everything and how I'm allowing her to be part of this important milestone.

I hope she can keep my secret that long!  Oy vey!!  In my eagerness to share all these things I'm thinking about and planning toward...I didn't think of that little part.

Another thing is I've asked all my friends and family, who I let in on this blog, to keep this a secret from Cheryll. I don't want her to see it until we get engaged...she has to say yes first, right???

Then it will flow into a blog where all our friends and family can follow our wedding plans. I've been so inspired by all the other blogs I follow and I'm so excited to join the ranks. I couldn't think of a better gift than to share with Cheryll all these blogs as soon as she says yes! Ahhhh I'm so in love :-)


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