Tuesday, July 6, 2010

By George...I think I've got it!

As I approached my 30's, back some many moons ago, I decided that since I'm older and would be paying for my own wedding, I would not have a wedding party and do the whole pomp and circumstance stuff! Besides, I have several close girlfriends and how would I ever pick a maid of honor??

I think I've found a way to include all my closest girlfriends...I will ask each of them to read something of their choosing as a gift to us at my wedding. It will be great to see what they've selected and prepared to share during this special day. I want all my "girls" to feel like they're part of something bigger...of our love...because they were the ones holding it down with me before Cheryll entered the picture.

The countless hours of bitchin' and moanin' haha, and tears!  So many tears!  They should all know how much I have valued their friendship and how much I love them as if they were truly family. I have been very lucky for how each of them have influenced my life and how well they have loved me and Jordan and now Cheryll.

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  1. I love it! Christina and I had each of our bridesmaids (there were ten of them!) offer a blessing during our ceremony. It was very meaningful for us and our guests really enjoyed it, too.